Spin-off Aiviro.com

Spin-off Aiviro.com

November 11, 2022

A new Brno-based IT spin-off, Aiviro.com, has been added to the ARTIN Group portfolio on November 11th 2022. The company offers a unique approach to business process automation (RPA) using artificial intelligence. The original project was created under the wings of the ARTIN company and started operating on the market more than three years ago, and today this technology is used for the automation of its processes and testing by, for example, the cable harness manufacturer Ray Service, the Czech Press Office (ČTK), or a leader in the field of security systems FIDES. Aiviro also works closely with Asseco, the manufacturer of the largest Czech ERP system Helios. Therefore, the Aiviro project can now develop completely independently and consider the possible input of a suitable investor that would help scale its services and expand faster.

Unlike normal automation, Aiviro uses a visual approach - the robot looks at the application screen visually, just like a person and with artificial intelligence recognizes individual texts, buttons, menus, boxes or other editing elements. It can read invoices and other documents or create a price offer based on a technical drawing.

"There are still a number of systems that are not suitable for normal automation, for example because they have no API interface that could be used for this. Here, on the other hand, Aiviro is like a fish in water," says Tomáš Ondráček, co-owner of ARTIN Group and adds, "The basis is the so-called deep learning process. The system is able to learn typical control elements and distinguish them even if they are subsequently placed elsewhere in the user interface or have a different appearance."

"Together with Filip Unzeitig and Róbert Kolcún, we are going to create a world without boring and routine computer work. A world where each of us can do creative and fun work. Where, with the help of Aiviro Robots, you can do significantly more work, without stress and in less time." presents the plans Miroslav Buček, CEO and one of the executives of Aiviro.

The idea to create a automation platform based on AI vision originated five years ago in the Brno company ARTIN, specifically in the head of Jan Najvárek , co-founder of ARTIN Group. A separate brand Aiviro was also created under its auspices. It then became independent in November of this year and concluded an investment agreement in which the Czech ARTIN was represented by its CEO and managing director Michal Pachlopník. The creation of the spin-off company, the transaction and the transfer of copyrights were carried out by the Sedálková Legal law firm.

Photo: Aiviro company website.

Also see the article on the Aiviro website.

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