Jakub Jůza the new CEO in Roboauto

Jakub Jůza the new CEO in Roboauto

August 1, 2022

Jakub Jůza as a new CEO supersede Martin Králík in Roboauto. Jakub studied computer science at the MZLU in Brno, he has been working in the company since its inception, and even before that he was part of the Roboauto project team from 2015, first in the role of developer, then in the role of technical management of individual projects, up to the role of CTO of the company.

The change is also related to Roboauto's new, more pronounced focus on professional services in areas where the company has significant know-how, which is teleoperation, collision avoidance, autonomy, mapping and general processing of information from sensors using both classical approaches and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

"At Roboauto, in the coming years we plan to focus on large customers from the field of industrial, logistics, construction, mining and agricultural machinery, whether operating in the field, on roads or on rails. We also see space in the defense industry segment. Thanks to our experience, proven solutions and functional prototypes, we are able to help these customers with the rapid development of their own solution in our areas of expertise and thereby save them time and the necessary resources for the development of a prototype that serves as the basis for further mass production. Thanks to the demand on the market for similar services, our know-how and a well-coordinated team, I plan to significantly grow the company in the next three years, to three times the current size both in terms of the number of our experts and in annual turnover," says Jakub.

The Roboauto company operates independently on the market since 2018 as a member of the ARTIN group, the team has been working on the development of its technologies under the banner of ARTIN for more than 12 years.​​

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