ARTIN and NOTUM connection

ARTIN and NOTUM connection

March 21, 2019

ARTIN Group expands with another member - Notum Technologies. Behind NOTUM are interesting eye-and-voice applications and parking systems, where the work of developers meets the Roboauto team. One of the two owners of NOTUM is our former colleague Ondra Janošík.

In the morning of 13.3. ARTIN Group has acquired a 34% stake in NOTUM Technologies.

NOTUM focuses on mobile and web applications and Javascript technology. In a competitive software development environment, they are not afraid to insist on contracts that developers really enjoy and that are always looking for new solutions. An example is the use of a camera system for monitoring paying customers in the parking lot, working with relative coordinates and converting them to GPS or a mobile application that maps the condition of trees in the Czech Republic.

What is the reason for this connection?

"is still missing, we are also happy to strengthen the group of our Javascripters. " says Tomáš Ondráček, which clarifies the main motivation for merging companies. Ondřej Janošík also sees ARTIN's entry as positive: "We believe that thanks to ARTIN we will open the door to other interesting contracts and that we will grow together."

They both add in the same way: "We have very similarly set values and principles of operation, without which we would not be able to sign a contract."

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